Welcome to my homepage.  I am a professor at Ozark Christian College (Joplin, Missouri).  My educational background, like my teaching assignments, is somewhat diverse.  Most people who will be accessing this site are in some way connected to my teaching role.  So, much of the information on this site is related to my courses.

Students will want to click on the CLASSES on the top bar to call our a pulldown menu of the classes with pages on the site.  In those, students (and others) and can handouts, PDF files of lecture slides, syllabi, and various other materials.  For my current students, this is where you will find the information mentioned in class or in the course syllabus.  Check back often as I do revise the site periodically throughout the semester.

My primary blog site is:  WWW.ADORATE.ORG  This is where you will find my writings (from serious to devotional to humorous) largely related to areas of Christian Worship.

You may contact me via email at:  Lawson.Tom@occ.edu